WELCOME to Optimum Fixations Inc.

Optimum Fixations Inc. is a leader in the production and distribution of screws and bolts that are not standard, are specialized or are made to measure in keeping with our clients' needs.

In 1997, Optimum Fixations Inc. offered 5,000 specialized and made-to-measure items. Today, after less than a decade, our product line has more than doubled (12,000 items) and includes new styles of heads, additional diameters and lengths, and choice of finish (stainless steel, aluminum, nylon).

A trustworthy partner of several assembly firms, we have helped several companies reduce their production costs and manufacturing time.

Our Misson

A message from the president

To offer and supply our customers with the best product at the most competitive price. Regardless of the dimension or the use, we find and provide solutions for fastening and assembling all materials of all shapes: trucks, boats, trains, bridges, buildings, furniture, toys, automobiles, partitions, swings, doors, windows, household appliances, medical equipment, etc.

When it comes to fasteners of all kinds, we are the supplier of choice: a single, unique source for over 12,000 products. We have 600 single and unique clients -- You! The relationship with our client is the key to our organization's success.

I sincerely thank all of our employees for their dedication and service. I also thank our clients for their loyalty and patronage.

Denis Coulombe