How can the OPTIMI-STATION® System help your company reduce its production costs?

1. A well-designed system

This is a system that categorizes all of your fasteners in keeping with the manner in which your company uses them as well as its characteristics. The fasteners are sorted in bins, on dynamic storage shelving. Each bin is coded and represents a unit of time in your production management. When the bin is empty, simply remove it and it is automatically replaced by the next bin on the track.

2. The OPTIMI-STATION® System provides real-time inventory

Optimum evaluates your company’s needs. The parts used, inventory turnover, part codes, needs and production variations are identified and quantified so as to design a tailor-made system that is adapted to your production needs.

3. Optimum delivers the quantities needed just in time

Optimum restocks the OPTIMI-STATION® System with the parts required, in keeping with the quantities defined.  These parts are identified so as to make it easier to manage this re-stocking.  This system is based on the just-in-time production model.  With Optimum, you never risk running out of stock. Optimum is very responsive and the quality of its deliveries is impeccable, preventing any production stoppages.

All of the work involved in placing orders and managing inventory is significantly reduced. The costs are too.

4. You pay only for the quantity used

The quantities used are presented by production week in the OPTIMI-STATION® System. And the company is billed according to supply week and not the total quantity in inventory. This is another significant source of cost reductions!