Optimum Fixations “STOCK & RELEASE” program gives you every
advantage you could want from your supplier.

* You know your customers. What special needs do they have?
* What items do they buy repeatedly?
* What can your supplier do to help you satisfy your customer?

If you haven't thought of Optimum Fixations Inc. for any of your large volume purchases, think again! Tell us what quantity your customer uses and how
frequently they want to receive shipments. We'll quote you a good price, guarantee that price for up to a year and schedule stock releases for the exact dates you require.

But that's not all! We can re-package your order to meet your customer's requirements. Use our Custom Label program to identify each carton with
the precise information your clients wants.

  • Lock in your Price.
  • Lock in your Inventory.
  • We will ship your material on the pre-determided dates you have chosen, or as needed.
  • Use Optimum Fixations Custom Label Program or Have us Apply your own pre-printed labels. 
  • We will re-package to meet your specific requirements.